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VLC Media Player’s Advanced Features

👤 🕔 July 15, 2014 0

We have heard so many things about VLC and one of the common things would be its ability to read different file formats. However, aside from reading all types of formats, are you aware of what other things can VLC media player do? Do you know how to navigate and make use of all its features? Or maybe what you know are just the basic which most VLC media player users already know. If so, you should try checking and exploring VLC further and deeper. Did you know that VLC can transcode files? Did you know that it is capable of streaming podcasts and Internet radio? How about the ability to copy your favorite DVD’s and video or audio files through Internet streams with the use of your VLC? This program is for free but it can do so many things you never think it can.

VLC media player can definitely transcode files. In fact it can be done easily. So how can you transcode one file to another format? Simple, just hover your mouse over the “Media” menu and click it. Choose “Convert/Save” and then choose the “Add” button. After which choose the wanted audio or video file you wish to convert. After choosing a file, click on “Convert/Save” and look for the option “Browse” to save the new file format to where you want it to save. Easy right? Internet streaming is the next big thing right now, without the ability to stream, your media player may not be that pleasant to use. If you want to manage your podcasts, all you have to do is tick on the “View” menu and “Playlist” to be prompted with your playlist view. Now, to check on more choices and options, tick the “Internet” option and from there you’ll have unlimited Internet radio stations located in any part of the globe! Lovely isn’t it? You don’t even have to pay for anything.

What about copying files with VLC media player? If you want to copy files from your DVD, go to the “Media” option then look for “Covert/Save”. However, don’t add files but rather tick the “Disc” option and from there you’ll be able to rip a disc! Just bear in mind that ripping a disc off may take time so be patient. As you now know, these are advanced features that VLC media player has to offer its loyal users. If you continue to use VLC media player, continue to explore it and have fun with it, in no time you’ll be able to discover far more advanced features that you already have. This is why VLC media player is really loved by many. So don’t just stick into basic stuffs, with VLC you can do much more than you expect. All you have to do is explore every button, there’s no harm in doing so. VLC media player is free to download, so no worries in terms of monetary charges or even in terms of its license. So what are you waiting for? Download VLC media player now.

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