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VLC Media Player Ranks First Against UMPlayer

👤 🕔 August 4, 2014 0

Ranking media players is inevitable. Some prefer one media player over the other but it seems that a lot of media player users have the same taste when it comes to VLC media player. Almost all agree that VLC media player is truly the best, ranking it number one of all media players right now. What makes VLC media player number one? To show you how VLC earned its spot, let me tell you that VLC can do more than just playing of video and audio files. In fact, VLC can do advanced and even features that one wouldn’t think possible in a media player.

VLC media player is first of all free and is compatible to almost all file types. If you compare it with UMPlayer, you will really see the difference that VLC can handle far more file formats that UMPlayer. Next, VLC media player is very powerful that is works as a file converter at the same time. Only few may have known this but VLC can indeed convert files. Provided the files you want to convert is also supported by this impressive media player.

Aside from file conversion, VLC media player also works as a streaming tool over the Internet. Users can stream YouTube videos and even listen to different Internet radios. Yes, in terms of entertainment nothing could really beat VLC media player. If you don’t feel like streaming, you can still use VLC to watch YouTube videos by simply copying its video YouTube URL ad paste it on VLC, simple, fast and entertaining.

Another great feature why VLC ranks first against UMPlayer is the fact that it allows videos to be used a desktop wallpaper! Would you believe it? Typically, what most people use for their desktop screen are images and ordinary wallpapers. But with VLC media player, a video can also be made as a desktop wallpaper. This is an advanced feature that one should learn to enjoy. So if you compare VLC and UMPlayer, I’m sure you will agree that although UMPlayer seems to be an all in one media player package, VLC is still the top one!

So what are you waiting for? Download VLC media player now and start discovering VLC’s secret features. Unlock these features and use it to your advantage. VLC therefore can also be used in business and in the office. Who would have thought that a media player can also convert files? Don’t forget to download UMPlayer too just so you’ll experience how awesome UMPlayer software too. For your advanced needs and utmost entertainment, VLC is highly recommended. For your low and simple days, the use of UMPlayer is also a good idea.

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