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VLC Keyboard Shortcuts

VLC Keyboard Shortcuts

VLC Keyboard Shortcuts


VLC Keyboard shortcuts, why do you need to know such keys and what are its advantages? The use of this shortcut processes may not have an impact to some VLC users however for those who uses this software program every day, keyboard shortcuts is a great way to lessen whatever processes or steps to do when using the VLC Media Player and it even helps save time.


There are a lot of easy and basic VLC keyboard shortcuts you can perform on VLC and here are some of its common shortcuts after you downloaded the VLC Media Player.


If you want to view your video in fullscreen mode, simply click on the letter “F” on your keyboard. If you want to pause a movie or play it again, just press the “space” bar.



VLC Keyboard Shortcuts


For subtitles, if you want to put it on or off, just click on the letter “V” and it will do the trick. If you feel like doing an audio track cycle, all you have to do is click on the letter “B” key and it’s all good.


Of course, for the volume up and down, note that you will have to press the “Ctrl” key first and the arrow up or down keys. Easy isn’t it? Newbie’s are welcome to try these shortcuts, it’s simple to follow and perform. No technical skills required and any complicated processes.


If you want to make use of your mouse, you can still perform some VLC shortcuts. This free VLC Media Player download doesn’t restrict anyone who wishes to use their mouse, and to show you some tricks, here’s what you need to do.


VLC Keyboard Shortcuts Windows


If you want to view a video in fullscreen with the use of your mouse, just double click your mouse. If you want to manipulate the volume or the position on VLC, make use of your mouse’s scroll. If you feel like checking on the local menu such as the play controls and those that includes your audio settings and video, just right click your mouse and you will be prompted with the needed settings.


I know there are a lot of things you would like to learn in terms of VLC keyboard shortcuts so here are few more tips you can make use of. Let’s say for example you want to open disc menu, all you have to do is press on the “Ctrl” key and hit letter “D”.


VLC Keyboard Shortcuts Mac


If you feel like opening a folder, just click on “Ctrl” key and hit the letter “F”. If ever you’re listening to an audio file and you want to mute or unmute it, the easiest way to control it is to press the letter “M” on your keyboard.


To zoom in and out, just press the letter “Z”, to show the current time, simply press on the letter “T”. The short keys made available for Media Players are dozens and the list could go on. This only means that you need to download VLC Media Player in order to take advantage of its keyboard shortcuts.