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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is our own way to make our user feel that we highly value their trusts and privacies. All the personal information that we may obtain from our costumer is optional and voluntary. Rest assured that any data that we received will be kept with due confidentiality. Our user’s trust is important to us.


Therefore, we are bound to protect all the information that they have freely extended to us. Our site makes sure that whatever information that was shared by our visitors will only be handled by our authorized team and will never be used in any form publicly in part or in full. The gathered personal information will only serve as our reference just in case we need to contact our customer for very important matter.


Protection of Information


Our site makes sure that any information that we ask from our user whether personal data or through a survey is preserved with utmost care. We treat all your information highly confidential as no amount of information is allowed to be shared online or publicly in any way. We see to it that in case we need to use your personal data to send important notifications such as electronic mail, it is carefully manage by the person within the site that is fully authorized to perform the task.


Users Option


All the information that we obtain from our user are voluntarily given. There is no way that our site will forcedly ask any data from our visitors. We make sure that all the forms or surveys if ever that they fill in are optional and that they supply it with personal information according to their choice. Nevertheless, all the details will be handled privately by our site making sure not a single data is revealed to anyone.


Collected Data


Our site paves way to enhance the service that we offer to our user. We request some information, personal data for instance from our users to make sure that we can contact them every time we have an update or we need to send them a newsletter or a feedback about  the issue that they have raised to us particularly answers to their questions or solutions to their concerns.


Our users usually provides information voluntarily such as their full name, complete residential address, permanent address, office address, basic contact details like their phone and mobile numbers as well as their zip codes, birthday and age. Through this collected data we assure our users that we can reach them in the soonest possible time. And with the assurance that all their information will be taken cared properly by the right person and not a single detail will be shared publicly.


Disclosure Agreement


Since privacy and secrecy of our user’s personal information are the top considerations of our site, we make sure that all the details needed by our visitors to be fully aware about the site are properly outlined. Therefore, we conclude that continued use of our site means that you fully comprehend and approved the agreement set by our site.