Download VLC Media Player Free

VLC Media Player is compatible to a lot of operating systems. So if you’re concerned this software program might not work accordingly to your computer. Download will start immediately after clicking the Download Button. Refer to our EULA for the end of user licence agreement.

during the installation of the software, additional software recommendations may be displayed from third party. These recommendations are dependent on the discretion of each user and they are allowed to choose whether to accept them or not.

Install & Uninstall VLC Player

VLC is the best open source media player that has bundles of exciting features. This is a free multimedia player under GPL. This media player is best in playing your favourite music as well as excellent in most video files. VLC also supports wide array of file formats which is specially featured for your convenience.


How to install VLC Media Player


VLC Media Player is user friendly software. Here is the walk through of hassle free VLC installation.


Hint: Installing VLC Media Player might need an Internet connection make sure that you are connected to the Internet to avoid any error and interruption during the installation process. However, if you already have the executable saved on your computer just proceed to the succeeding steps.


How to install VLC For Windows


  • First click the link of VLC for your preferred Operating System (ex. Windows).
  • Click the “Download” tab.
  • Next “Save the file to your computer.
  • Double click and save; usually it is an executable file like “vlc.exe” depending on where you download the software.
  • Next click “Run”.
  • A dialog box will prompt to provide you your preferred language just click the option.
  • Then strike “Next” and click “I Agree” when you’re done with the agreement.
  • Just click “Next” then choose for your preferred folder and hit “Install”.
  • Lastly click “Finish”. You’re now ready to enjoy VLC Media Player.


How to install VLC  For Mac OS


VLC is made easier to install on Mac. You just simply have to download the correct file to your computer then just double click on VLC Media Player executable file to begin the process.


There are various reasons why we need to uninstall our favourite program from our files. Sometimes we are no longer using the software and we need to free some space from our disk for a new program. Also we want our computer to run faster that we need to remove some file for more efficient speed. However, to uninstall program is easier than it is first installed so make sure that you really need to remove it from your computer correctly to avoid any hassle in the future just in case you want it immediately.


How to Uninstall VLC Media Player


Here are the basic steps to uninstall VLC from your file.


How to Uninstall VLC For Windows


  • From the welcome page click “Start” button then drag the mouse to the “Control Panel”.
  • Next from the “Control Panel” choose the “Uninstall Program”.
  • After, select “VLC Media Player” strike on the “Uninstall” button then the “Wizard” will guide you exactly to uninstall VLC completely.
  • Lastly click “Next” after the successful uninstallation and close the window to complete the whole step.


How to Uninstall VLC For Mac


Mac paves a way to uninstall software quicker and easier.  With Mac you just simply choose the program that you want to install like if you want to remove VLC media player, just find it from your preferred folder where you save the file and then drag it to trash.


As you can see install and uninstall steps are quick and easy. You simply have to follow the steps one by one to make sure that it will be successfully done.