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If you prefer streaming videos most of the time, the use of VLC Media Player may come handy to you. Unknown to some, VLC Media Player is capable of streaming tasks and is usually used as a media server by other advanced users. Download VLC Media Player and be able to stream your favourite Television shows, connect on different interesting programs over the Internet and enjoy watching it through your VLC Media Player. Aside from being a free software, VLC works on different streaming protocols that you may find very useful or handy. Some of its streaming protocols are the HTTP, RTP, MMS, RTSP, IceCast and more. Streaming on VLC is not as difficult as you think so don’t get intimidated and try it! Here are the steps you can follow to try streaming for the first time.

Download VLC Media Player first and foremost and familiarize yourself with its basic functions. Once you’re done exploring it, simply locate the “media” option on its toolbar. There you will see the submenu “streaming”. All you have to do is click on the “add” button which is situated on the file box just at the right part. Now, browse some video files and choose the one you want to stream and just click it. To start your streaming process, just tick on the “stream” option and proceed to “next” in order to confirm your chosen file to stream. Lastly, just open the drop box menu, add your chosen streaming protocol and make sure to add it accordingly. Just continue with the process following the given prompts and click on the “next” button and “stream” and you’re done with the whole streaming process.

As you can see, these steps doesn’t really require you to be a VLC master, all it needs is your full attention and the ability to follow instructions and you are good to go. Download free VLC Media Player now and try streaming a lot of videos, you may even get hooked and use it every day. In fact, VLC allows users to share their streamed videos by enabling users to send it to other portable devices or computers. Aside from streaming protocols, VLC Media Player supports network protocols too. Just imagine a software program that can do so many things for free, amazing isn’t it? Overall, this software program is really reliable and entertaining. It can read dozens of file formats for video, audio, subtitles and more, it comes with a lot of skins or themes to choose from, it is cross-platform and compatible to almost all operating systems, it comes for free and has an open source and of course, it allows unlimited streaming of videos over the Internet. So download VLC Media Player now and experience the pleasure of streaming.